VAT and duties

VAT (Value Added Tax) and duties constitute a significant part of the government’s tax income and, therefore, also a substantial portion of the taxes and duties paid by businesses. It is crucial, therefore, that the company’s procedures regarding VAT and duties are accurate and up-to-date.

Our advice on VAT and duties includes, among other things:

  • Assessment of VAT liability and exemptions
  • VAT in international trade
  • VAT on sales and rental of real estate
  • VAT in business transfers
  • Calculation of VAT deductions and VAT adjustment obligations
  • Deductions for bad debts
  • Payroll tax
  • Property registration fee
  • Energy and environmental taxes, including electricity and water taxes
  • Tax refund
  • Other excise taxes and gambling tax
  • Customs duties

We also assist companies with:

  • VAT registrations, including voluntary registration and joint registration
  • VAT returns and VAT reconciliation
  • Invoice requirements
  • Obtaining binding rulings
  • Obtaining binding tariff information
  • Handling cases related to VAT and duties

We offer VAT and duty reviews to identify errors and deficiencies in the handling of taxes and duties, reducing the risk of retroactive charges, fines, and tax disputes. A VAT and duty review can also contribute to optimizing your handling of VAT and duties