Buying and selling companies

It can be a significant decision to buy or sell a company, and it is crucial that the process is well-planned and handled to the best possible extent.

At Roesgaard Advokater, we assist with the transfer of all types of businesses, ranging from small businesses and liberal professions, such as doctors and dentists, to companies and groups with extensive activities.

If you are considering selling your business, we can help with:

  • Financial, legal, and tax assessment of possibilities
  • Preparing for sale and creating tender documentation
  • Conducting seller due diligence
  • Collecting and reviewing data and setting up data rooms
  • Assistance in any bid process, including collaboration with business brokers

As part of the actual sales process, our lawyers can assist with:

  • Drafting preliminary documents such as confidentiality agreements and letters of intent
  • Drafting and negotiating transfer agreements
  • Drafting and negotiating warranties
  • Drafting and negotiating other related agreements
  • Conducting financial, legal, and tax due diligence
  • Managing data rooms
  • Advice on financing solutions
  • Executing and completing the transaction

In connection with business transfers, we always seek value-creating advice. We achieve this by being professionally grounded, accessible, and with an uncompromising focus on our clients’ actual needs. We ensure our clients have the necessary, relevant, and fair terms and mechanisms, providing security and professional advice throughout the process. At the same time, it is important for us to ensure that the contractual terms are understandable and have a practical impact and significance.

Throughout the process, we focus on maintaining agility and adaptability in case of changes or unforeseen issues or needs.

When advising on an M&A transaction, we involve our other specialists in various areas, such as construction, real estate, employment law, or dispute resolution/litigation. This is particularly relevant, for example, in connection with the implementation of due diligence.

Our team is selected and put together for each transaction to ensure that our client has the best possible decision-making basis for completing the transaction.

In an M&A transaction, we particularly focus on:

  1. Understanding our client’s interests, needs, and industry
  2. Being the client’s business and strategic collaborator and sounding board
  3. Maintaining an honest, close, and informal dialogue with the client and any other advisors
  4. Addressing all aspects of the transaction
  5. Always being available and accessible
  6. Ensuring our advice does not become more complicated than necessary. Our focus on the client and the client’s costs means that, as much as possible, we are willing to simplify the transaction.

We have extensive experience in advising both Danish and international companies in buying and selling businesses (M&A). We are involved in all types and sizes of transactions with transaction amounts ranging from smaller transactions under DKK 100,000 to several hundred million kroner.