Contract law

Commercial contracts are one of our absolute core areas, and we place great emphasis on staying continually updated on the ongoing developments within this broad field.

It is our experience that commercial contracts are increasingly becoming more complex, and as a result, our clients feel a greater need for a sounding board when entering into and managing a commercial contract. Therefore, we focus extensively on ensuring that our clients can always consult with us based on our in-depth knowledge of and experience with various types of contracts.

We provide tailored solutions to our clients. Our advisors have significant experience in advising on, as well as drafting, interpreting, and negotiating national and international commercial contracts. These include collaboration agreements, confidentiality agreements, production and supply agreements, logistics agreements, standard terms for the purchase and sale of goods, services, and software services, as well as terms of use, distribution agreements, franchise agreements, license agreements, agency agreements, and more.

We also assist with the structuring, establishment, and implementation of joint ventures, consortia, turnkey projects, and other collaborations.

With our extensive experience and specialized knowledge, we can advise on most forms of commercial contracts across various industries.

The basis for our advice on commercial contracts is the individual client’s needs and interests. We not only provide legal advice but can also serve as your strategic partner and advisory business partner in contract negotiations.