Generational change

Succession planning is about establishing the framework for the future of the company and its ownership.

A well-executed succession plan contributes to ensuring the stability of both the company, its owner, and the owner’s family.

Accelerated Succession Planning

An accelerated succession plan can, among other things, prevent the company from being drained of liquidity when both taxes and estate/gift duties need to be paid during the transfer of the business.

A succession plan carried out ‘inter vivos’ also makes it easier for the new generation to continue the business without disagreements arising.

We provide advice on flexible solutions, where, for example, the transfer of assets can occur without a change in controlling influence, ensuring the optimal protection of both the business and the family’s wealth.

This way, a succession plan can be implemented in several stages, allowing everyone to keep up and sleep soundly at night.

Our succession planning advice focuses on delivering comprehensive solutions that consider not only tax-related matters but also other aspects.

Our succession planning advice includes, among other things:

  • Assessment of options and preparation of a succession plan model
  • Business valuation
  • Assessment of options for tax-free transfer through succession
  • Calculation of taxes and duties during succession
  • Financing options
  • Adjustment of business or ownership structures
  • Obtaining binding rulings
  • Drafting agreements with tax reservations
  • Review of relevant family and inheritance law matters, including prenuptial agreements and wills