Incentive pay

An incentive program can contribute to attracting, motivating, and retaining qualified employees.

With an incentive scheme, the company can reward employees for achieving the desired results.

At Roesgaard, we can assist in tailoring and implementing an incentive scheme to fit your company and its strategy.

An incentive scheme can include executives, board members, senior employees, selected key employees, all employees, and groups of employees within the company.

Certain incentive schemes are tax-favored, allowing for the deferral or complete or partial avoidance of taxation. Additionally, bonuses and stock-based compensation are subject to specific employment law regulations.

Therefore, the choice of scheme should be made based on economic, commercial, tax, and legal considerations, including employee financing.

We assist in the selection and design of incentive programs, including:

  • Employee shares
  • Subscription options (warrants)
  • Stock options (purchase rights)
  • Stock purchase plans
  • Bonus schemes
  • Phantom shares
  • Convertible debentures

We ensure that both tax, corporate law, and employment law considerations are taken into account, including adjustments to employment contracts or the preparation of agreements with employee shareholders.