Procedural law

Conflicts arise in all professional contexts and are often challenging to avoid. We aim to resolve these conflicts efficiently, both in terms of time and cost.

The most appropriate solution is rarely found in arbitration or in regular courts, but if the conflict proves unsolvable, a court or arbitration case may be the solution.

We have extensive experience in conducting legal and arbitration cases, whether it involves clarifying a simple contractual disagreement (including debt collection through the bailiff’s court or regular courts), handling complex and document-intensive cases, or representing cases for or against public authorities.

We assist with the following:

  • Assistance, consultation, and representation in negotiation situations.
  • Initial risk assessment before filing a lawsuit.
  • Participation in mediation or conciliation, where parties attempt to reach an amicable solution with the help of a mediator or the court.
  • Assistance in connection with isolated evidence collection (inspection and assessment) before a potential lawsuit.
  • Conducting legal and arbitration cases nationwide.

Before initiating a legal or arbitration case, we always conduct a review and assessment of the case with the client, providing assistance in risk assessment and recommendations regarding the likely outcome of the legal proceedings.

It is a cornerstone for us that cases are not pursued for the sake of the case. Ideally, we prefer to be involved at the time of contract negotiation—and preferably before the initiation of legal or arbitration proceedings. This way, we can often help the parties negotiate an agreement, achieve a mutually beneficial settlement, or assist in planning the strategy before the parties initiate formal legal or arbitration proceedings. In many cases, this approach can completely avoid a costly legal or arbitration case.

We are characterized by possessing legal expertise in a wide range of commercial law areas. Thus, we offer our clients in-depth knowledge of the specific legal area and professional procedural assistance in court.

We always work diligently to ensure our clients a pragmatic and commercial solution, regardless of the stage the case is at.