Real estate law

The real estate industry is a market that has gradually become more complex over the past many years. This applies to virtually all parameters, including, among other things, economics, taxation, fees, and legal aspects. Consequently, we continuously build and expand our knowledge of the real estate industry, which, in our view, is a prerequisite for providing practical advice on an equal footing.

We serve as commercial and legal advisors in real estate in general, including property transactions (buy/sell), project development, commercial and residential lease law, environmental and planning issues, other public law regulations regarding real estate, and general dispute resolution. In other words, we have broad knowledge in the field of real estate while simultaneously focusing on specialization.

We can offer assistance throughout the process, covering everything from initial negotiations to final formalities. In doing so, we ensure our clients a flexible and dedicated advisory process, where we allocate the necessary time to all phases of the case, ensuring that the parties involved reach their goals safely and on time.

We advise both established and new players in the real estate industry, where we not only consider the transaction/transfer itself but also how it fits into the existing structure and/or portfolio of our client. Although our geographical base is Horsens, our advisory services bring us into contact with properties located across Denmark, as our clients and properties are often situated in various locations in Denmark. In connection with our advice, we have experience in dealing with public authorities, private builders/investors/developers, as well as other private actors and relevant private consultants.

We advise on both accounting, tax, and legal matters, including:

  • Sale of property companies (Real Estate M&A)
  • Structuring of development projects
  • Structuring of ownership of properties
  • Purchase and sale of commercial real estate
  • Accounting and tax valuation of properties
  • Succession planning for real estate
  • Partnership agreements and joint venture agreements
  • Parental property purchases
  • Share projects