Employment law

All companies may face legal challenges regarding their employees.

Employment and labor law is a comprehensive area characterized by constant development through new legislation or case law. The legal landscape can therefore be challenging for employers to navigate, and a violation of the applicable rules can potentially have significant financial consequences.

The law firm has several years of experience and provides ongoing advice to national and international companies as well as employees on various matters, including:

  • Employment relationships, including employment contract, employee handbook, and GDPR
  • Non-solicitation clauses and non-compete clauses
  • Employee rights (vacation, illness, maternity leave, and significant changes in terms)
  • Preparation of warnings, terminations, and dismissals
  • Protection of trade secrets and handling of employees’ competitive activities during and after employment
  • Director matters, including director contract
  • Development of incentive programs, including bonus agreements, phantom stock schemes, and warrant programs
  • Negotiation of collective agreements and handling of collective agreement demands
  • Employee relations in business transfers
  • Inbound and outbound assignments and outsourcing
  • Conducting legal investigations
  • Handling disputes in Danish courts, arbitration, or labor courts

The ongoing development of employment and labor law means that companies should periodically ensure that employment-related documents such as employment contracts, terminations, resignation agreements, and personnel policies are updated in accordance with applicable law.