Tax law

Tax legislation is constantly changing and becoming increasingly complex. As a taxpayer, it is therefore important to ensure that one neither cheats on taxes nor cheats oneself.

Our tax law advisory services include, among other things:

  • Taxation in the establishment of companies and changes in ownership structures
  • Corporate taxation
  • Taxation of business operators, including the business tax scheme
  • Personal taxation, including taxation of management and principal shareholders
  • Taxation of employee benefits
  • Taxation of real estate, including structuring of property projects
  • Group structure and consolidated taxation
  • Transfer pricing
  • International tax law
  • Taxation in restructuring and financing
  • Obtaining binding rulings
  • Tax proceedings and representation in tax and duty cases
  • Tax and duty reviews
  • Assistance with tax returns and income statements

We also provide advice on all tax-related matters in connection with:

  • Restructuring
  • Generational transfers
  • Incentive compensation
  • Buying and selling of businesses