Whistleblower program

For many companies, the deadline is approaching when it becomes mandatory to establish an internal whistleblower program. The main goal is to provide employees and potential whistleblowers with the opportunity to report concerns without fear of retaliation.

By December 17, 2023, companies with 50-249 employees must have established a well-functioning whistleblower program. Since 2021, it has been mandatory for companies with 250 or more employees.

Roesgaard Advokater understand that you want to focus on running your business without being overwhelmed by various compliance requirements. Therefore, we offer a tailored solution:

Our services include:

  • Whistleblower program establishment: We create a confidential and secure platform that can be implemented within one day.
  • Whistleblower policies: We ensure that your company complies with both GDPR regulations and whistleblower laws.
  • Program administration: This includes ongoing monitoring, handling of reports and deadlines in accordance with the law, as well as ensuring the confidential handling of reports and protecting the whistleblower’s identity.
  • Communication with the whistleblower: We facilitate communication and case handling.

Roesgaard Advokater is here to provide you with peace of mind regarding the implementation and administration of the new whistleblower requirements. Our whistleblower solution is cost-effective with low setup costs and minimal operating expenses, making it relevant for companies of any size.

Contact us today for a detailed discussion on how we can help you establish a whistleblower program and ensure compliance with the latest compliance requirements.